Norvitas aims to create and deploy capital
in attractive investment opportunities - in
partnership with private and institutional
investors and HNWI’s.

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About Norvitas

Norvitas was incorporated in 2006 and is an independent investment and advisory firm with focus on real estate and private equity. The corporate platform is headed by a partner team with solid experience in transactions, financing and deal origination - in real estate and private equity.

Norvitas is partner-owned and thereby a fully independent investment and advisory firm. We are actively searching for off-market investments through our extensive direct network, joint venture partners and a select group of co-investors – with the sole purpose to create attractive investment opportunities in a low yield market environment. Norvitas aims to create and deploy capital in projects in partnership with private and institutional investors, funds and HNWI’s.

Our Approach
The Norvitas approach begins with our relationship with our investors and alignment of interest.Norvitas’ network fosters an active approach towards investments driven by a clearly defined strategy, which are the key-driver to achieve a strong return on investment. We are committed to deliver this in a transparent, disciplined and dedicated manner together with our financial partners – for each investment vehicle or project we initiate or invest in.


We create attractive investment opportunities together with private and institutional investors, funds and HNWI’s

Michael Hoeyer - CEO Norvitas


Our Platform

Norvitas actively seeks to build and develop longstanding relationships with the partners around our platform. Our disruptive approach to create new investment opportunities, allows us to leverage our expertise, network and capabilities on the Norvitas platform – to mitigate risk.


Norvitas develop and invest in residential, retail and hotel projects together with financial partners. 


Norvitas advise a number of Danish and International investors on off-market assets and portfolio transactions. 

Private Equity

Direct and co-investments in companies – targeting special situations and start-ups were our platform can unlock significant value. 


The Norvitas Model

Norvitas has a proven strategy of sector focused investments, targeting explicit opportunities where deployment of capital, experience and network can release the full potential of the investment - and create value that leads to significant risk-adjusted returns.

Partnering Approach
When evaluating potential investment opportunities, Norvitas clearly defines the project characteristics in terms of capital needs, research-driven analysis, complexity, risk/reward scenario in order to determine the appropriate partners for the investment project.


Investment Process
Each of the potential investment opportunities is subject to comprehensive assessment by Norvitas and external advisors – and when the investment thesis is thoroughly assessed, it is brought to our financial partners who evaluate the opportunity.
We handpick the appropriate team for each project and select the right partners for the investment vehicle. Our partnership structure is carefully designed to enhance and reward the experience and credibility, that our team and our financial investor base bring to a given investment opportunity.

We strive to partner with best-in-class owners, entrepreneurs and advisors across the investment cycle, and our investments are structured to ensure full alignment with the interests of our co-investors and financial partners.

We determine the Exit/Hold strategy at the initial project evaluation, as the financial structure and planning is the absolute key to success.

The average length of an investment varies from each business case, however if we plan to retain ownership once fully developed – we intend to keep the assets for a minimum period of 5+ years.


Our Team

The formula of wide multi-disciplinary backgrounds is complemented by a disruptive approach and in-depth local market knowledge - executed by an experienced real estate and investment team.



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